Inner Child Oracle Af Teresa Salerno

kr. 289,00

Inner Child Oracle

Tekst: Engelsk
Antal: 46 kort
Mål: Bred: 10,5 cm, længde 15,5 cm, høj 3 cm

With wisdom to share and love to spare …

The crossroads of childhood curiosity and adult understanding is a place of unique possibility. Connect with the innate wisdom of your inner child to navigate the tangles, trials and tumbles of the grown-up world and meet your challenges with a lighter heart, ready for mischief, manifesting and miracles.

Your brave, inquisitive and beautiful inner child has insightful and nurturing guidance for you.

This gorgeously illustrated oracle set offers gentle healing to soothe hurts, dissolve barriers and restore your spirit. Reclaim the missing pieces of your puzzles and delight in tall adventures, remembered pleasures and daring self-belief with your inner child. Be all you were born to be — a world of wonder awaits.

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